Cory Monteith Week - Thank You

32. Millions of people are remembering you today: your family, friends, and fans, who will never forget you. Why? Because you are worth remembering. Whether you realized it or not, you have made a permanent impact on the world. With your beautiful smile, genuine personality, and giving heart. Thank you for caring about each and every person you met, thank you for entertaining us with your abundant talent and most importantly, thank you for taking the time to give back. You have inspired us to do the same. You are our hero. We miss you, we love you, and we are thanking you on this day. For Cory.

This week was Montourage Unite’s first ever Cory Monteith Week - a week of honor, remembrance, and inspiration. We are happy and proud to say that this will be an annual event, as we want to continue to remember Cory. Thank you to each and every person who participated. Whether it was joining our video and collage projects, purchasing a shirt, donating, or simply retweeting us on Twitter to spread the word. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Look below to see the success of this week..

Collage Project: Fans came together to create a powerful and creative message. Cory Monteith will forever be in our hearts.

Successful Twitter Trends: Montourage Unite successfully trended something in honor of Cory every day this week worldwide on Twitter. Trends included: #Montourage Unite, #RememberingCory, #FinnHudsonForever, We Love Cory, Cory Is Our Hero, Cory Monteith Forever, and Happy Birthday Cory. Well done, Montourage!

Video Project: Fans came together to prove that Cory Monteith’s legacy will continue on, living inside of each of us. He is our hero and will always be our hero.

In just one week, Montourage Unite raised over $1,000 (and counting) for Project Limelight Society, in honor of Cory Monteith. Project Limelight is a free arts program dedicated to inspiring youths in Vancouver, Canada - a cause very close to Cory’s heart. You can still donate. Give back on this special day, in honor of a very special man, before it is too late. Click here to donate.

Montourage Unite sold 20 of these special tribute shirts in just one week. We raised over $400 for Chrysalis, in honor of Cory. Chrysalis is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating self-sufficiency for those struggling with low-income and/or homelessness.. another cause very close to Cory’s giving heart. You can still buy a shirt here - USA and international.

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Beautiful Smile and Heart of Gold
Cory passed away when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I thought my initial emotional reaction to the news was partly due to me being overly emotional and heavily pregnant, but as the months progressed after I had my son, I realized I just really loved and missed Cory. 
When I look at my son, I can’t help but think about Cory’s mum. When Cory was tiny, she must have looked at him and thought of all the things she would see him do in his life. The usual stuff, graduate high school; pass his driving test; go to prom; meet a nice girl, settle down and get married; have children; get a good job. I doubt she ever considered he would take the journey he did. I know she is so proud of all he achieved in his career and that he overcame his problems. The tether between mother and son can never be broken. 
I never had the pleasure of meeting Cory, I just adored him from afar. I loved him as Finn Hudson, the Quarterback who stole our hearts from his very first scene in the Pilot episode. As I watched Glee over the years, I knew that Finn was just the beginning of what should have been a hugely successful career. I was really looking forward to seeing what else he could do. McCanick is not the type of film I’d normally watch and I was worried about watching it, but it was good. Cory’s performance was awesome. He really was such a talented actor, there was so much more to him than Finn Hudson. This film was as far away from Glee as you could get. Dark, gritty, shocking story lines and Cory threw himself into the part. You couldn’t tell it was Cory at times. I know he’d said in interviews he really wanted to do this film so he could use his own past experiences and you could see the raw emotions he put into Simon Weeks. A lot of people blamed this film for the return of Cory’s addiction - I don’t. His character never went near drugs; it was far more shocking and unexpected than that. Maybe Cory wanted to do it to get some form of closure on his past lifestyle. We’ll never know and that’s the worst thing about the film. In the end, you feel some sort of sympathy for the main character and desperately hope Simon is okay, but most of all I felt sad. Not because the film was over or because the story line is melancholic, but because that’s the end. Cory’s last performance. We’ll never get to see his incredible talent develop. From this film, he could’ve gone on to wonderful things. The all action hero, a film franchise, it was there for the taking. His career would’ve gone the distance and would’ve covered many genres and characters. I guess the one thing you can take from it though, is that Cory took his final bow at the top. His performance as Simon Weeks in McCanick was his best and Finn Hudson will be how he is remembered.

To me Cory, will always be the tall, dark, handsome Canadian with a beautiful smile and a heart of gold. I will cherish his time on Glee, the music of Bonnie Dune will continue to warm my heart, and his smile will always brighten my day. He achieved and experienced so much in his life, he made so many people happy without even realizing it and was truly loved by so many. Cory influenced so many lives in so many ways, his legacy will live on through us. Thank you Cory, for everything. I still miss Cory every day. I think I always will.

Elisabeth Woodhouse

Montourage Unite

Blog Writer

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Very Big Shoes To Fill - Literally and Figuratively

WOW - I had to start with that word because that is how I feel. I am so grateful to Montourage Unite for bringing all of us Cory lovers together for a week of celebrating Cory! It is so beautiful to see all of the love for him. I am so proud of him and of all of us. I feel like he is equally, if not more proud. Cory was such an exceptional, kind, caring, gentle, loving, giving, REAL person who always made time for his fans. I can only aspire to be a better person for having his influence in my life. He continues to inspire people, including me, everyday. I have actually used some of what I am typing here in my many tweets during the twitter trends this week.

I sort of came into the fandom late. It’s not that I didn’t love Cory with all of my heart, but I was not active on twitter back when I first saw Cory on Glee in 2009 - and I have also recently gotten into Tumblr as well. I feel like I missed out on so much now. I just didn’t realize most of the Glee Cast is on twitter or I would have been there a long long time ago! I am now catching up on all of Cory’s tweets by retweeting them on an account I made this year called MonteithRetweet. It has been a bittersweet experience so far, because it does make me think about how much I have missed out on, but I have also gotten to know so much more about Cory and his sense of humor and fun (and passion for things) than I would otherwise. I have watched countless videos of him. I really cannot think of anyone else who is more giving and caring – especially someone “famous.” I have never seen him or heard of him turning down someone asking for an autograph, or wanting to ask him questions. I can imagine famous people must get tired of being asked the same question for the thousandth time, but he was always so kind! That smile of his could cheer me up on my saddest, darkest day. His voice I could listen to all day long. His passion! For the Vancouver Canucks. The way he often said “I’m Canadian” in response to a question, and even admitted that he makes sure people know he is Canadian. He was so proud to be Canadian! It makes me a prouder Canadian, and so extremely proud to love him. Not to mention the way he used his fame to bring attention to such worthy causes.

I have my good days and bad days still, almost 10 months later, when I think about Cory. And I have to admit, there isn’t a whole lot of time that I don’t think about him. I really wish we hadn’t lost him so soon, and I would have done anything to stop what happened, but we cannot bring him back. But we can make a difference, and we can keep his memory alive. I know there are others who still struggle with everything, like me. Often I will ask Cory for a sign that he is around. This may seem weird to some, and some may not believe in this sort of thing. But in my heart, I believe he has given me several signs. It has helped me get through some of the hard days. I hope that if anyone reading this needs to know he isn’t too far away, that you will give it a try, and that you will at least feel the love that I know he still has for all of us. I am no therapist, but I have been told I am a good listener, and I know what it feels like to miss him so very much, so if anyone would like someone to listen and sympathize, I can definitely do that. I am an older fan than most, but I do understand.

I have to say that without Cory, I would not have watched Glee. To be honest I can’t watch any of the new episodes. For me, it is not the same. Without Cory I would not have discovered Bonnie Dune – which I think is fantastic by the way. I also love Porchlife (the band he was in before Bonnie Dune and even before Glee.) Without Glee, I would not have watched most of his appearances in other shows, movies, videos, interviews. I would not have discovered the wonderful  organization Montourage Unite , Cory. I would not have made the friends I have who share the same feelings for Cory as I do. Without Cory I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to record myself singing (along to his songs).

I am so very grateful to Cory for introducing me to so many wonderful things. I may even try snowboarding next winter because of him. I am also grateful to know about Project Limelight. I would love to go tour around Vancouver one day and see all of the things that were so close to Cory’s heart.

Anyhow, they don’t call me “Chatty Kathy” for no reason. So I will stop now. Thank you Montourage Unite for this week, for keeping Cory’s memory alive, and I am especially grateful that I was able to purchase a shirt in Canada. Thanks for reading and please do what you can to help keep Cory’s amazing heart known to the world. We have some very big shoes to fill – literally and figuratively!

Kathy Theede

Montourage Unite

Blog Writer

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A Great Influence
Cory was, and still is, a person in my life who has had a great influence on me. Some may say that he is just an actor or a musician, but he was much, much more than that. Cory Allan Michael Monteith was someone who made a difference in this world, whether he knew it or not. He worked with organizations to keep teens from living on the streets and worked with kids who wrote their own stories. He did PSAs stressing the importance of being yourself.
I remember the night I followed him on Twitter, and I scrolled through his previous tweets and I knew instantly that I was in for a hilarious ride. Even in 140 characters or less, he managed to make my day brighter. From tweeting about musical toilets, to being a cat whisperer, to his views on current issues, he made everything entertaining, but also let you get to know him.  
Who could forget his incredible dance moves? Although he wasn’t the best at it, he worked so hard and you could always tell that he was giving it his all. He even acknowledged that he wasn’t all that great, and that made him all the more lovable.
One of the things I admired, and still do, was how kind and humble he was. Although I never met him or knew him personally, people that did always said he was one of the sweetest people they had ever met. I have yet to hear anyone who had come in his path say a negative thing about him.
I am thankful that I am able to be a fan of his, because he truly was a remarkable human being. Whether you were a friend of his or a fan, we have the ability to share memories and his legacy with others down the line. I hope that one day I can make a difference in someone’s life the way he did mine.  He may not be around anymore, but he will never be forgotten.
Taylor Rodriguez
Montourage Unite
Blog Writer
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For Cory’s Mother and Everyone Who Loves Him

Dear Mrs. Mcgregor,

I just want to confirm that your son was, and still is, loved not only by young people, but also by adults. I’m sure you read on Montourage Unite - the moving letter of an English literature teacher about Cory. Well, more or less in the last months I’ve been through the same process that lady was involved with. I’m a nurse and I have seen many people fighting drug addiction. I know how hard it is, especially when you start very young. Cory was the symbol of that fight and he always will be. That’s not the only reason why he catched my attention. I knew he wasn’t a professional singer and I was really amazed by his natural talent that I could see growing day by day.

Three years ago, my family was shaken by many serious and tragic events and watching Glee managed to shed light on my darkest days. Without being into gossip I could tell the Glee Cast was a family bonded by real friendship and love. I loved all of them, but Cory, to me, was the brightest star. His voice, smiles, and the expressions of his face made me feel nice and warm even when my heart was sinking. His beautiful soul showed through Finn… and i fell in love with him, of a love without boundaries of age, sex and possession but only a kind of universal wave. When he lost his battle, I heard a kind of crack inside my heart. I felt the urge to know something more about him and I started going through his videos, interviews, behind the scenes Glee, and so on.

I found out how many followers he had and what an inspiration he was to them to reach out for their dreams. I learned how much he was involved in charity and projects to help kids to find a goal in their lives. I was right: he really was a beautiful soul! This made me feel even more hurt but I know he would be remembered with a smile. So I had to find a way to ease this pain. Glee played the soundtrack of my life. Singing had always been my dream but I had always considered myself a loser.

Three months ago, thanks to him, i got the courage to stop singing only in the shower and join a choir of adults. We are all people over fifty who love music, and sing just for fun. Two weeks ago, we had our first concert. My attitude towards life and people has changed and things are slowly starting to get better.. I hope I didn’t bother you or make you sad. I would like to leave you with a smile.

Yours faithfully,
Antonella Freschi

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"I mean, to put a smile on somebody’s face that’s in a bad situation like that—is there anything more important than that? The ability to be able to do that is mind blowing. I’m blessed."

Cory Monteith (via corymonteith)

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Cory Monteith Week: Trending Time

The 1st Twitter Trend of Cory Monteith Week will begin in one hour! Get your tweets ready.. we will be trending Happy Birthday Cory

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Trend Review: Cory Monteith Forever


  • "Remembering his beautiful life everyday through compassion, charity, and friendship - Cory Monteith Forever"
  • "Cory Monteith Forever in our hearts, our memories, our lives - we live on for him through his most treasured passions"
  • "Cory Monteith Forever, it has changed my life. I never forget, he will always and forever be in my heart."
  • "Cory Monteith Forever because he taught us to "Don’t Stop Believin"
  • "Cory Monteith Forever, let’s be honest, he was everything a woman can look for in a man and a human being."
  • "Cory Monteith Forever.. his voice in our heart.. his amazing smile"
  • "Cory Monteith Forever because a guy that changed our life like that could never be forgotten. We love and miss you Cory."
  • "Cory Monteith Forever, because a hero never truly dies completely."
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Cory Monteith Week: Trending Time

The 1st Twitter Trend of Cory Monteith Week will begin in one hour! Get your tweets ready.. we will be trending Cory Monteith Forever


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Cory Week Reflection

This Cory Week has been a week of reflection. Reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly. I remember the blog entry I wrote shortly after he passed. I was so angry at everyone focusing on the whole “drug” aspect. Yes, ultimately it lead to his passing, but that isn’t and won’t be for many of us, the way we will remember him. I let go of the fact I couldn’t control what others would say about him, and focused on Cory the person, joining in with fundraising efforts and meeting amazing fans who supported him unconditionally.

I wasn’t one of the many that had the privilege of meeting him, or being noticed by him. I am okay with that to an extent. Would I have loved to opportunity to meet an inspirational Canadian who never forgot where he came from and was proud of his country, of course! I find sometimes Hollywood takes over our “famous” Canadians, and they seem to forget where it all started for them, but not Cory. That, for me, was the most respectful part of Cory, as a fellow Canadian. Can you tell I’m proud of my country?

I’ve never been one to believe in myself. I’ve always been the encourager to my friends, the voice of reason, the therapist… but because of Cory, I was able to connect with this lovely person named Desiree aka Montourage Unite, and was given the opportunity to shine. I’ve never seen myself as being crafty, but I saw a way to give back after talking about bracelets I’d been making, and the feedback warmed my heart. It made me feel worthy, and inspired. If not for the connection to Cory, I don’t know if that would have ever happened.

You don’t realize sometimes, the impact someone you’ve never met can have on you until you start writing a blog in honor of that person. Everyone has a memory of Cory that makes them smile, some things can be big, some things can be small, but regardless they all make up the amazing memories we all have that sum up Cory Monteith, and I’m grateful to read every single one of them.

I could go on forever, but to sum it up…

If nothing else, Cory, in life and death, has given many of us a strong group of friends who will forever cherish his memory, who will always be inspired by his kindness and realism, and do whatever we can to continue his charitable work so that his name will live on in the best light possible.

Sarah Bumstead

Montourage Unite

Blog Writer

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Special Needs Montourage

When I was a teenager, I knew two things: 1) Nothing about me was okay or acceptable in any way. 2) If I lived to become an adult I would, to the best of my ability, make sure that other kids didn’t feel that way. When I grew up I would be totally normal and not have low self-esteem anymore.

Flash forward to 2010. I was 39 and had been teaching and/or working with people with special needs for over ten years. I can only hope that some of my students’ self-esteem did improve, as I intended. Mine did too—marginally. I knew that I had some good qualities—at least three, anyway. But I had a secret. I found out before I started teaching that I had a learning disability myself. My response? Pretend to be normal, act positive, and never let students, colleagues or supervisors see that almost every move I made was painstaking. It wore me down and didn’t even work, but I was never going to tell anyone.

Then a friend handed me Season 1, Disc 1 of Glee, to which I quickly became addicted. As a special educator, I was delighted to see students with disabilities represented and I related so thoroughly to the kids who were “outcasts.” Very strangely, I would have vivid Glee-related dreams every time I watched the show. It was not long before those dreams were about Finn.

Yes, he was handsome! I was aware that he was an adult in real life, which made me feel less guilty for having a crush on him. But it wasn’t only a crush. Episode after episode, he would show a wide range of emotions, appear to learn a life lesson, and most of all, have an inspiring word for everyone around him. It was very difficult not to first wish that he was real, and secondly, become intrigued by the man behind the role.

As a confirmed “Gleek” by then, I had already watched as many interviews as I could with the Glee cast and I loved all of them.  I admit that I didn’t really “get” Cory at first—at the time his sense of humor seemed very different from mine and part of my disability is not “getting” jokes in the same way that others do. But then I started really listening to him.

When he did the 2011 article for Parade I was overwhelmed both with compassion for him, and by the compassion I could feel from him. He had begun to be more vocal and visible with Chrysalis, Project Limelight, and other projects he was involved with, and I could see how much he cared about people who struggled with things he had once struggled with. He seemed to share my conviction that giving back and helping others is the least you can do, especially if you have been where they are.

By then, I had already started writing about my experiences with having this disability. Somehow, the message inherent in Glee, as well as what I was getting out of listening to Cory, gave me the idea that if it’s okay to be whoever you are, it might be okay to be me too. After all, I did have three good qualities. I wanted to inspire young people with similar disabilities in the same way, besides just teaching them. I wanted to show them that they are not alone. So I keep writing, difficult as it is. I had really hoped that Cory would read my book one day.

I would love to say that my own struggles with self-esteem and other issues are all in the past, that I was so inspired that I began to see myself and the world in a different light for the rest of my life. This is partly true. My life has changed from the way it was before Glee, before Cory, before I thought, “Yes, it may take forever, but I probably can write a book, I did actually study writing in college.”

I would be lying if I said that all the difficulties went away, like I once thought they would the moment I got “old enough.” There are still daily tasks that require extreme concentration for me to complete them, and others that I need to ask for help to complete. If I am not good at something, or don’t think that I am, I am relentlessly critical of every aspect of the task, and obsessively imagining the critical thoughts that I am sure others are thinking as they observe me.

This is something Cory—and only Cory—seemed to understand. In my favorite of his interviews with George Stroumboulopoulos, Cory said, “I see all my little mistakes.” Of course, he went on to say that this fact did not negatively impact his self-esteem, and I do not know how he managed that. I am much older than he was, and I have not yet done so.

To Cory’s loved ones: my heart and prayers go out to you every day.  I am so sorry for your loss, but I want you to know how happy I am that he was in the world and enriched my life, even without having met me.  I pray that I can similarly enrich the lives of others.

Katherine Grace Audi

Montourage Unite

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Something Even More Important Than Trends..

Congratulations Montourage! So far, we have successfully trended worldwide every day of Cory Monteith Week. Would you like to join something even more important? Keep reading.

  • Join Montourage Unite’s video project and collage project - both will be personally watched by Cory’s friends and family. Do not miss out on this significant video and collage. All you need is a camera or smart phone. It will take just a few minutes but in the end, the result will be huge. Join now and do not miss out: deadline is tomorrow, May 10, 2014.
  • Donate to Montourage Unite’s Special Week Long Project Limelight Fundraiser: Project Limelight, a free arts program in Canada, was a very special program in Cory’s heart. Help us reach our goal of $1,000 before May 11, 2014. Donate Now
  • Purchase a Tribute Shirt: We must sell four more shirts by May 11 in order to collect funds for Chrysalis. If we do not sell four more shirts, funds will be refunded and shirts will not be made. If you are in the USA, purchase one here. If you are international, purchase one here.
  • We Want To Hear From You: Tell us your thoughts on Cory, Cory Monteith Week, and so on. We want to know! Share us your thoughts and stories and we will post it on the Montourage Unite website. Email your posts and thoughts to corymonteithweek@hotmail.com - thank you!
  • Questions? Email us at montourageunite@hotmail.com - we want to hear from you. We would love suggestions as well, as Cory Monteith week is now an annual project.
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Trend Review: Cory Is Our Hero

  • "Cory Is Our Hero because no one was more humble and grateful than him! He is one of a kind.. one pure soul the world gave us."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero because he never forgot where he came from, never changed who he was, never made you feel unimportant."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero because he showed the world how to stand up to bullies.. including the bullies we keep inside ourselves."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero because he taught me to never give up, even in a bad situation. Always live life with love and generosity."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero: he faced life with a hero mentality without realizing it and gave us the courage to do anything!"
  • "Cory Is Our Hero because he lived in gratitude, he is so genuine and so loving."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero because he used what fame brought him to make us aware what was really going on in this world."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero: if he isn’t yours, he is mine, because he showed me that it can always get better."
  • "Cory Is Our Hero. He reached our, became an example for million of people, saved lives. Cared. That’s what a true hero is."
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Cory Monteith Week: Trending Time

The 1st Twitter Trend of Cory Monteith Week will begin in one hour! Get your tweets ready.. we will be trending Cory Is Our Hero

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Here’s Something You May Not Have Seen Before..

This week is Cory Monteith Week, join us in supporting this wonderful organization Project Limelight, connecting youths with the arts and the power of inspiration. Donate here - fundraiser ends on May 11, 2014. Fundraiser completely international, PayPal and credit card accepted.

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